We conduct Farm and Equipment Auctions in Texas and Oklahoma.

"Which do you want...The final offer or the highest bid---
Sell at Auction"

We are honored to be a member of the

Auction School June 2003
Receiving my diploma.

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Lee Cannedy - Office 903-982-7287 - Mobile 903-249-3654
Email clcauctions@blossomtel.net 

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Terms and Conditions. Consignment Sellers Also See Below.

1. A valid driver license is required to register & receive a bid number. By registering and receiving a buyers / bid number you agree to all terms and conditions of CLC Auction Services.

2. All purchases must be paid for auction day & within 1 hour after auction has ended. Payment can be made by cash or check. No credit or debit cards accepted. All unknown buyers, if paying by check, will need a bank letter of guarantee. See example of letter below. If you do not have a letter of guarantee we may decide to hold your purchases until check clears. There will be a $30 fee on any returned checks.

3. Sales tax will be collected unless: you are buying for resale and have a resale certificate with you. You are buying for farm use and have a farm exempt certificate with you. The item has to be agriculture or forestry related. Some items are not able to be farm exempt. We go by what the state comptroller of Texas has given us to go by.

4. All items are sold as is - where is - with no warranties or guarantees. It is up to you the bidder / buyer to inspect all items carefully before bidding and to use your own judgement as to what the condition, value & year of each item is. CLC makes no guarantee of condition, value or year model on any non-titled items or any items sold without a title. CLC does not guarantee year model on water crafts, atv's, sport utility vehicles, motorcycles or trailers. No refunds. 

5. The auction company is not responsible for items advertised that do not make the auction sale. We encourage you to call ahead to make sure item of interest has arrived. We advertise what we are told by the seller and sometimes they fail to get item to auction.

7. All sales must go thru auction company. Failure to do so may cause loss of buying and selling privilege.

8. The auction company is acting as an agent for the seller only.

9. Unless advertised absolute auction, the seller or agent reserves the right to bid. Absolute auction means all items sell regardless of price.

10. State law requires us to not leave titles open on titled items. There is a $15 paper work fee. This is not a tax, title license & registration fee. You must still take and have registered yourself. This $15 fee only covers the paper work on our end and mailing fees. Titles will be mailed or can be picked up 20 days after auction. 

11. Removal / pick up times: sale day till 5:00pm & Monday & Tuesday 9:00am - 5:30pm. If you do not pick up your purchases within 15 days, we will sell them in our next auction. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

12. The auction company is not responsible for theft - fire - accidents or injuries. You agree to enter at your own risk. Adults are responsible for any person, child or minor with you. If you bring a minor with you, keep them with you at all times, keep them off of equipment & auction items, and remember the auction staff are not baby sitters.

13. Announcements made auction day supersede all other agreements. Be on time so you can hear the announcements made on auction morning.

14. By attending our auctions, you agree to abide by all terms & conditions of this auction company.

15. We are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. 
TDLR PO Box 12157 Austin, Tx 78711.
Lee Cannedy Lic. # 15039. 

Bank Letter:
Bank letter will need to be on the banks stationary with the banks letter head. Letter will need to read, 

“ banks name” will honor this customer’s payment by check “customers full name on account # up to “money amount” to purchase an item or items at auction on “date” conducted by CLC Auction Services. This letter is good for 20 days after auction.  “print name of & signature by bank employee” “bank address, phone number & date”.

Or it can read:

This customer “full name on account #” is in good standing and maintains a good credential relationship with “bank name and address” “Bank employee name, phone number and date”

Info for our monthly consignment sale.
Please Represent All Items Honestly. All Sales Must Go Thru The Auction Company.  Not Doing So May Cause You To Loose Selling & Buying Privileges. 
You Are Responsible To Protect Your Own Items That Have A Reserve. 
The Auction Company Is Not Responsible For Protecting Your Items With Reserve.

Any Reserves Must Be Resonable. 
No Reserves Allowed On Items Valued $200 Or Less.

Commission Rate On Each Item :

20% On First $100, 

10% On Next $900, 

6% On Remainder Of Ballance.

Example on a $5,000 item.
20% on $100 = $20
10% on $900 = $90
6% on $4000 = $240
Total Commission = $350

$5 Minimum.

$10 (PO) No Sell Fee.

$15 (TF) Title Fee On Items With Titles. This fee is used to cover the cost of paper work and certified mailing fees. 

Title required upon check-in on all items being sold with a title.
All titles must be in the name of the person selling the titled item.

If Your Item Doesn’t Sell You May Leave It For The Next Auction. If It Doesn’t Sell In 2nd Auction It Needs To Be Picked Up Or It Will Be Sold Without Reserve In 3rd Auction. No Exceptions.
Sellers agree to all terms and conditions of this auction company.

The Auction Company Is Not Responsible For Theft - Fire - Accidents or Injuries. You Enter At Your Own Risk.
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