We conduct Farm and Equipment Auctions in Texas and Oklahoma.

"Which do you want... The final offer or the highest bid---
Sell at Auction"

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Onsite Auctions 
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We have conducted many auctions 
of all kinds.

Farm and Equipment Consignment Auction
Tractor Auctions
Farm Sellouts
Estate Auctions 
Estate Liquidators
Business Sellouts:
Machine Shops
Welding Shops
Fabrication Shops
Equipment Dealers
Horse Tack Dealer
Restaurant Equipment
Lumber Yard
Steel Yards
Building Material
Heavy Equipment
Trucking Companies
Trailer Dealers
Trailer Mfg.
Farm Machinery
Farm & Ranch Equipment

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About Us / Why Choose Us
Hello I am Lee Cannedy owner of CLC Auction Services.
We are a full service auction company. We are licensed and bonded by the State of Texas and we are in good standing with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.

We have the experience and insight on what it takes to make your auction a successful one
We have many letters from customers that we have conducted auctions for in the past that recommend our auction services.

We have a complete Auction Staff that is Very Friendly and Professional at what they do.

We work very hard to get you the most money for your merchandise.

We are more than just fast talk…We work for you the customer…We depend on word of mouth. Therefore we work very hard to make sure every step of an auction is done right.

We are computerized, giving you the customer a much better service.

We have a very good set up crew and load out crew that I personally over see during setup and make ready. We also have a loader for loading or unloading merchandise.

We settle within 1 to 5 business days and sometimes on the same day of the auction.
We give you a copy of all paper work necessary. (List of all items sold and what each item brought)
When the auction is over we are able to look you in the eye & shake hands knowing we did the best job that could be done.

Whether your auction requirements involve personal property, real estate or other liquidation, We look forward to the opportunity to earn your confidence. Please call to arrange a meeting to discuss your detailed needs. Thank you for considering CLC Auction Services for all your future auction needs.

Lee Cannedy

No matter what your reason for having an Auction...settling an estate, dissolving a business, moving, liquidating surplus inventory...
CLC Auction Services is ready to serve you!
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